Tips and Tricks for 3D Animation

With an advent of technology, computer animation has been successful in standing out as one fast and steadily growing industry. With this the demand for animated entertainment has also expanded, resulting in an increase of broadcasting hours owing to its popularity amongst the masses.

Gone are the times when animation industry targeted toddlers and kids as their audiences. With constant and rapid advancements in the sector, the animation series are been largely accepted amongst all age groups, including both the teenagers and the adults. This growing viewership has also lead to these series being aired on primetime TV.

However as software’ and hardware improves, audiences demand and expect a much sophisticated and real-life performance that are largely made possible with the help of 3D tools by the animators. Having mentioned the way 3D has been enticing the viewers, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to pronounce 3D animation as one the defining characteristics of the animation world.

While there is no dearth of 3D artists in the industry, it is imperative for these artists to grow with the industry and continue delivering work timely with due heed to the budget constraints. Though this might seem to be a lot of work to be done at once, here are some best tips for the 3D artists to be continuously able to climb up their career graph:

  • Work on one phrase at a time

Animation is wholly about following beats and phrases, both for their purpose and reason. Experts advice to have a clear full-body posing in the phrases. It is best to treat each body phrase as a single shot and work on reducing the timeline to showcase only the phrases you are working on. It is best to create the beginning, middle and the end of a single phrase that you are working on.

  • Relax a bit when creating animation contact

Avoid focusing the whole body at the point where contact happens. Especially the shots where the action takes places faster wouldn’t be captured. Therefore it is best that the artists loosen up a bit when animating the contact phrases.

  • Playblasting does waste a lot of your time

Obviously it does count as an artists need to observe their animation at real time and speed, in fact an artists should watch their work this ways in order to be more productive. However there is no need to be this hyper about things. Popular studios claim that several work and productive hours are lost in waiting for the previews and playblasts to come up with. The animation artists can store their time by creating a layer or button to hide everything in the scene and hit play whenever they intend to watch the same.

  • Mute the dialogues

The artist of course needs to listen to the dialogues over and over again to set into the mood and temperament of the character. However when working, it is best to just work the body mechanics and gestures. In fact it is one of the most effective ways to come up with the dialogue shots.